Learn all the tricks on Seal Hunter Pro
Here's a neat little site that has gathered all the necessary tips and techniques to become a professional seal hunter. I'm so happy that people still play and enjoy this game, 10 years later!

Seal Hunter Pro

Spiritual sequel in development by devoted fans
A couple of Russian fans have assembled a crack squad to make a spiritual sequel to The Seal Hunter, called Zombie Hunter Inc. Apparently the alpha will be released by December 2013. Keep your calendars marked folks!

Zombie Hunter Inc

Seal Hunter 1.0 released!
The long-awaited remake of The Seal Hunter has finally been released and proves to be well worth the wait. Ever wanted to play The Seal Hunter with your friends online? Now you can!


Progress in the remake department
The remake we posted about earlier has now reached closed beta. To celebrate this, Toumaz have put up a trailer showing the intro of his remake on the development blog, and it's looking really nice. Have a look see.


We need your help
We are discussing the possibility of a sequel to The Seal Hunter. One of the main things holding us back is the huge load of graphical assets that would be required. Then it came to us: We have a die-hard fan base - it would be stupid not to reach out to it.

We are sure there are skilled artists out there wanting to help out with our next project. We aren't looking for anything fancy, just someone who is able to draw enemies and weapons in a higher resolution while keeping the cartoony charm of the original.

Think you have what it takes? Get the original assets and send us a work sample of something in high res to sample@sealhunter.com. Also state how much time you are willing to put into this, should we be interested in recruiting you. Your work will be strictly idealistic since our games are free. We do this for fun.

Update 2009-05-07: Some people were having trouble reaching our mail. Use this new address instead: sample@sealhunter.com

Thanks in advance!
The Seal Hunter team

A Seal Hunter remake? You better believe it!
This is what devotion looks like. One dude making a complete remake of our game with online multiplayer support and a bunch of other nice features, and it's looking to become rather awesome. The guy's name is Tomas and he just recently put up his development blog. Give it a gander!

Well, at least we've got our health
As you clearly must've noticed by now, there isn't much activity in Camp Seal Hunter. Work on the patch hasn't progressed as smoothly as anticipated. One of the reasons is that Clickteam don't seem to ever get their hardware accelerated version of Multimedia Fusion 2 ready. It's hard to find motivation to spend our valuable spare time on this project when we don't know if we'll ever be able to release a fully functional version. That is all.

Have a merry christmas!
Patch in the works!
We are alive! Work is being done to push The Seal Hunter to version 1.3. The game will support hardware acceleration using DirectX 9 which will allow us to add some pretty cool effects. We are not yet ready to go into specifics about what will be added, but this patch is shaping up to be the largest update yet. More to come.
New fan art!
Check this bad boy out!

Thanks a lot, NetDead!
Happy new year!
Happy new year to all seal hunters out there! We wish you a happy hunting season!

No real Seal Hunter-news to report. We have started planning our next project but there's really nothing more to be said about it at this time.

Have a good 2008.
Unmatched level of dedication
We recieved an e-mail from what is likely the most dedicated players in the world. Attached was a picture of their stats-screen showing a total of 75 hours of play in over one thousand game sessions. This makes our eyes wet.

Thanks a bunch, sender-inner Joel Jackson and his toy boy Jonny Rodgers, who made sure to point out the fact that this was all played in v1.0 (where the game was next to impossible). Anything else is for wimps!
Watch us play!
We've completed a gameplay video of The Seal Hunter team playing and finishing the game! It's available for download here! (May contain spoilers!)

The Seal Hunter v1.2 Released

Due to some changes to the score system, your old highscore will be more or less obsolete in this version
Changelog 1.1b -> 1.2

General changes and additions
* Better-looking polar bears
* Added the ability to take out crawling brown seals by kicking them
* Score system completely revamped. An enemy killed near the right border won't give as much points as one killed early
* The highscore now sorts it's entries by score instead of progress
* Level 2 boss made harder again. If you can't kill it, you are simply gonna have to try a different approach
* Added session score to the highscore
* Help-menu completely rewritten. Could actually prove helpful to some in it's new state

* Made more efficient against penguins and activists

* Recoil increased

1876 Vintage Shotgun
* Reload time increased
* Damage increased

* Increased ammo to 150

Next update due in the near future, most likely next week. Stay tuned!

Amazing Fan Art added in the Media Section!

The Seal Hunter v1.1b Released
Changelog 1.1 -> 1.1b

* Screenshot button added (F12)
* BMP-output for videos added (Activated on F9)
* Included FAQ
* Auto-pause when game loses focus
* Made baby seals vulnerable to explosions while falling
* Added more gory death animation to the baby seal

* Damage slightly increased
* Decreased reload time to 2.2 seconds

* Damage increased against bigger enemies
Minor page updates: A video in media section

The Seal Hunter v1.1 Released
Changelog 1.0e -> 1.1

* Brown seals health points decreased
* Level 2 boss made easier
* Reduced Level 3 boss knockback
* Added Reload button
* Keyboard number buttons can be used to switch to weapons (single player only)
* Fixed issue with two joysticks/gamepads
* Added clip dropping
* Added more gory death animation to the first boss

Dual Mac-10
* Price reduced to 3500
The Seal Hunter v1.0e Released
Changelog 1.0d -> 1.0e

General changes and additions
* Game keeps track of last number of players to make it more convenient to start a new game
* Final boss speed decreased
* Fixed epilogue issues
* Fixed movement issues
* Fixed Player 2 hud appearing in 1-player mode after ALT+TAB

Sniper Rifle
* Increased clip size to 5
* Increased reload time to 2.2 seconds

* Decreased reload time to 2.4 seconds
Minor page updates: Some content in media section